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WOW! I think...



          January: Supercallafragilisticexpialadoshious cut in

 half, folded twice, cut into thirds, turned around, doing the

 splits, wearing a t-shirt, turned around again, then folded

once, and adding a C at the end spells: Ilutdac. That happens to be a company called Ill Little Useful Toddlers Dillydally And Co. Yes. Mrs. Marry Poppins is a head co. worker there. I know. Wow.


!!!!!!!!! Horoscopes




Check every month for new item! January:


  Month of birth:                  Item: cheese:

  Jan.                                   Cheese in soup

  Feb.                                  Cheddar

  March                               Gorgonzola

  April                                 Cheese on bread

  May                                  Spicy

  June                                  jack

  July                                  Swiss

  Aug.                                 Cheese fondue

  Sep.                                  Cheese and meat

  Oct.                                  Any!!!!

  Nov.                                 Cheese on crackers

  Dec.                                  NoneL

Name SEC.!    January:   


Last Name                            First Name


Eichhorn (I-corn)                 Megan

Thing it resembles:              Thing it resembles:


I-corn, The only phone,        my-egg-an toast!

in corn, That is also an

mp3 player!           




My Fat Guinea Pig!


       This is my Awesome blog section! IÕm going to tell you of the single cutest, most amazing-ish, all powerfull-ish, and poofiest guinea pig ever!!!!!!! Smokey! He looks like this:

HeÕs the poofy thing on the towel. HeÕs so cute! And fat. He wonÕt go on a diet. Something about being fat is a necessity, something about living. You know. Guinea pigs.

             We tried almost everything. We got him a ball to run in. Yikes. A wheel to run in his cage. He doesnÕt understand that itÕs not edible. A leash and harness. I know IÕm brave. We have a cat, but somehow theyÕre best friends. The last thing to do is most reasonable. Get him a little fence outside so that he can run on the grass, tempted by food, while being supervised. Now I know. If only had the time to go get one. I will definitely tell you if I eventually do. You know. On the blog. I donÕt really know you soÉ yea.

               Thank you for reading my section I call, My Fat Guinea Pig!

My Fat Guinea Pig!